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The Rights Of Contact Lens Users


The use of contact lenses is gaining popularity in the society. The lens does not only function as an alternative to spectacles. In fact, it is also widely used for aesthetic purpose. Colored contact lens is increasingly popular in the society especially among the younger generation. The escalating popularity of the lens in the market has also increased its number of users. However, as contact lens users, are you aware of your rights? Do you realize that just like any other consumers, you too are entitled to certain rights? A smart consumer is the one who is aware of his rights as a consumer and acts wisely and responsibly. Despite only jeopardising a small number of contact lens consumers, such cases should not be taken lightly. You should know your rights in order to protect your eyes. The first right is to get initial examination prior to contact lens wear. Regardless of the type of contact lenses that you use, colored or not, the safety aspect of your eyes should not be compromised. Customers regularly ask question such as, “Why do I need my eyes to be checked as my eyes are not blurry?” The failure of contact lens users to get their eyes checked prior to wearing it could harm their eyes. Regardless of the types of contact lenses used, whether on medical ground or for cosmetic purpose, it is necessary for contact lens users to undergo an eye examination in deciding the suitable contact lens for them. Not everyone can wear contact lenses. Certain individuals have been identified as unsuitable users of contact lenses. These include those who have eye-related problems such as dry eyes and bad allergy to eyes and people with history of eye problems or those who work in dusty working environment. As such, it is important for you to know whether contact lenses are suitable for you or not. Various brands, sizes and colors of contact lenses are available in the market and this is an important factor why initial eye examination need to be carried out. Each brand has its own different size in terms of its base curve and lens diameter. Prior to wearing contact lenses, users need to undergo a trial contact lens fitting procedure.

Figure 1 : Ceratometer Inspection 

Trial contact lens fitting needs to be carried out to determine lens parameter that is suitable to the users’ eyes. Each individual needs his own unique parameter which is different from other individual.

Figure 2 : Image Size HVID

A comfortably-worn lens is not necessarily suitable to a user’s eyes. Normally, a tight contact lens is worn comfortably, unfortunately, this may give negative effects in the long run. A tight contact lens will prevent tears and oxygen from entering the cornea. After hours of wearing it, the eyes will become uncomfortable and reddish. What would happen if you wear the lens for a longer duration? Your eyes will become less sensitive to the changes causing you to continue wearing the lens. If this continues, your eyes will suffer from infection. Consequently, the chance for you of becoming blind is higher.

The second right is to get the correct advice to wear the lens. Consumers must remember that buying an expensive contact lens does not guarantee safety. Self-hygiene and correct contact lens handling procedures need to be taken in order to avoid any eye injury or infection. Buying from unqualified individuals or shops that are not given authority or online markets could invite dangers to the eyes. These people certainly will not carry out initial eye examination. Worse, they also do not give correct advice and guidelines of proper handling of contact lens and the required level of cleanliness. Remember, contact lenses should only be purchased from certified and registered Optometrists.

Rajah 4 : Lens Accessories In The Internet And In Stores Accessories

Contact lens users should get consultations that encompass the correct way of wearing it, permissible period of wearing and the correct way of cleaning, keeping and sterilising the lens and its case. Information on the dos and don’ts throughout the period of wearing the lens must be explained to the consumers. The third right and the last one is to get follow up treatment. To ensure the health of their eyes, consumers need to undergo follow up treatment. During the treatment, Optometrist will check the conditions of the lens and the users’ eyes. Only qualified Optometrists could detect early risks of the eyes of contact lens users. They could give advice and monitor the problems, conduct treatment and provide consultations before problems aggravate. The qualified Optometrists could also tell you when the contact lens you are wearing is no longer suitable to your eyes.

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Be a smart contact lens user by knowing your right. Make sure that Optometrists fulfill your rights in order to guarantee your healthy eyes last your whole life. Love your eyes. Do not buy contact lens from unqualified individuals. Be a smart user, for healthy eyes.

Figure 6 : Healthy Eye


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Last review : 22 September 2014
Writer : Pn. Nor Azizah Binti Ismail
Accreditor : Pn. Normala Binti Sami