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Techniques of Relaxation

  1. Deep Breathing
    • This is the most basic technique.
    • Breath in and out deeply.
    • Can be done anywhere and any time.
    • Try to practice for a few minutes 3 to 4 times daily and whenever you feel tense.
    • (More info on procedure)

  2. Imagery
    • It is about building pictures in the mind.
    • It creates distraction from stressful thoughts
    • (More info on procedure)

Procedures For Relaxation Techniques.

  1. Deep Breathing

    Breath in

    • Sit and place your hands firmly and comfortably on your stomach.
    • Completely relax your stomach muscles.
    • Breath in slowly and deeply through your nose filling and letting your stomach expand as much as possible
    • Hold your breath for a few seconds before breathing out.

    Breath out

    • Breath out slowly through your mouth with the hands on your stomach.
    • As you breath out, your diaphragm (the large muscle under the lungs) relaxes and your chest feels ’empty’.
    • Imagine that the air leaving your body is carrying the stress out of your body.
    • Begin the breath-in and breath out-cycle again.
    • (Repeat this cycle three or four times at each session)

  2. Imagery:
    • Settle yourself in a peaceful place.
    • Close your eyes and listen to your breathing.
    • Listen to it getting calmer with every moment that passes.
    • As your mind becomes more peaceful, your body will also lose some of its tension.
    • Imagine a scene which you find pleasant and relaxing. Eg. Imagine a beautiful day out at the beach…with blue sky..soothing wind..and calm water…etc.
    • Take a moment to choose the setting.
    • Let your scene take shape.
    • Create its visual detail.
    • Find a path and experience the sensation of moving through the scene.
    • Feel the tension leaving your body.
    • Enjoy the peace and calm of the scene you’ve created.
    • When you are ready, gradually bring your attention back to the room.
    • Feel yourself alert, refreshed and more relaxed.
Last Review : 26 April 2012
Writer : Sarkuna Devi
: Normah bt. Nordin
: Thillainathan a/l Krishnan
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