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School Dental Programme


The school dental service is a comprehensive and systematic incremental dental care for school children which was introduced since 1957 (in primary school). The aim is to render school children orally- fit before they leave school.

The care is provided by dental nurses and dental officers.

How’s Dental School Service Delivered?

Dental service is rendered in school through:-

  • School dental clinics
    The clinics are located in selected primary and secondary government schools.
  • Mobile dental teams
    Dental care is delivered to school children, through outreach services.
    Temporary clinics are set up in the schools using portable equipment.
  • Mobile dental clinics
    These are dental clinics on wheels. They are used in schools with space constraint.

What Are The Type Of Care Provided?

Basic care, which includes dental education, dental screening, fillings, extraction, scaling and prophylaxis, are provided. Referrals to the dental clinics or specialists are made if more complex treatment is needed.

Is There Any Charges?

The basic treatment provided is free of charge but should denture, crown and orthodontic treatment are needed, fee charges will apply.

Who Are Eligible?

All children in government- funded schools are eligible. However treatment is only done on those who are given written consent by their parents or guardians.

Last reviewed : 23 Ogos 2019
Writer : Dr. Che Noor Aini bt. Che Omar
Reviewer : Dr. Sharol Lail bin Sujak