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How Do I Protect Myself From Being Given Drugs Without Knowing It

Drugs are substance which will act on your brain and affect your thinking and judgement. No one plans to be a drug addict. It happened because of some circumstances or for some people; they might have been given drugs without knowing it until it is too late. How do you protect yourself from becoming a victim? This does not happen by chance. Usually the people who wanted to give the drug to you has already planned it well before. Why do people want to give drugs to you without you knowing it?

  1. To take advantage out of you when you are under the influence of the drugs. This may include to rob, rape, kidnap or for some other bad reasons that we may not think of.
  1. They may want you to have an experience using the drugs until you are addicted to it. You will then have to pay for the drugs. Then the life of a drug addict begins.

How are drugs usually given to you without you knowing it?

  • Most drugs are added to your drinks when you are not aware. In other circumstance and crime, these drugs may be injected into your body when you are helpless and could not fight.
  • Circumstances like this usually occur when there are a lot of drinks and drugs being used. AVOID THIS SITUATION

How are drugs usually given to you without you knowing itHow not to become a victim?

  • Get some information or facts about some types of drugs and how they are usually used. (Refer to date rape drugs @ portal my health). With this information, you can make a good decision.
  • Be smart in choosing who you friends are. Your behaviour is a lot influenced by the people around you.
  • Be in a circle of friends whom you know and trust all the time. Never go out alone with somebody you just knew. Always have your close friend or family member to come along. Why? If you are drugged, your friend or family member are aware and can quickly assist you and prevent you from being taken advantage of.
  • Always be accompanied by your close friends or family member when going to a party or gathering,.
  • Make sure your parents know your whereabouts. They could come for assistance quickly if need so.
  • Never accept drinks from someone especially so if it is from the punch bowl or from an open container. Reject them nicely.
  • If someone offered to order a drink at a party or bar, go along with him/her to order it. Watch the drink being prepared and take it yourself.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks even if your friends are taking it. Do not be under peer pressure and learn to say NO
  • Never share beverages
  • Never leave your drinks; keep it with you all the time even if you need to go to the washroom. Or finish the drink before you need to go anywhere even if it is just for a while. If you realised you have left your drink unattended, order a new drink. Do not force yourself to drink just for the sake of not hurting someone’s feeling
  • Open your own bottles or can.
  • If your drink tastes or smell funny, don’t take it. Some drugs may change the taste or colour although the date rape drug is usually odourless and colourless.

How would you know you have been given drug and what should you do? You have not taken any alcohol but you feel drunk. You remember taking a drink but could not remember what happen next. You feel like somebody have touched you but you could not remember anything. If this happens, quickly seek help at the hospital , inform your parents or adults whom you trust like your teacher or other family members. Be caution of your own feelings and seek help. In this modern world sometimes there is very thin line separating good and bad and you can be involved with unwanted activities without realising it. Equip yourself with facts and always put safety first in all situations. Being adolescent is fun so enjoy your teenage life safely.


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Last Reviewed : 24 Nov 2015
Writer : Dr. Salmah binti Nordin
Accreditor : Lt. Kol. Dr. Ridzuan bin Azmi