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Question 1

What is the effect of Duromine diet medication?

Answer 1

Duromine tablets contain the active ingredient thats called Phentermine. It is used to overcome the problem of overweight or obesity (extremely overweight). It is recommended by doctors as a last resort to patients if efforts to diet and exercise failed to produce results in weight loss. Duromine is only used in certain doses because it can be addictive to the patient.

Duromine or phentermine acts on the nerves in the brain that controls appetite. Therefore, the patient will not feel hungry. In the weight loss plan, Duromine is used as an additional therapy other than diet control and exercise program. Patients should consult their doctor before taking this pill.

Side effects experienced by people taking this pill are emotional stress, an accelerated heart rate, difficulty in sleeping, dry lips, heart problems, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, and several other adverse effects.

If the patient experiences a sudden weight loss, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and feeling  of fainting, he or she must inform the doctor to treat him or her immediately.

It should be noted that patients with heart disease, epilepsy,  pregnancy, mental  problems, drug and alcohol addiction should strictly  refrain from using this pill.


Question 2

I bought a weight-loss pill that was approved by the Ministry of Health. However I was still skeptical to take the drug. The pills work for weight loss, relieve menstrual cramps and ease bowel movements. How can I ensure that the product is actually registered with the Ministry of Health?

Answer 2

All products marketed in Malaysia must be registered with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB). The Agency will ensure that all pharmaceutical products are effective and one of high quality and safe to use.

For products in traditional medicine categories or cosmetics, the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau will evaluate the product quality and product safety only. This means that the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau will carry out analysis or tests on the product to ensure that products manufactured comply with Good Manufacturing Practices set by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. In terms of the effectiveness of this category of products, it cannot be evaluated because there are no clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of these products. The use of these products is based on traditional use by generations,  that have been recorded.

The Registration number given by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau  starts with MAL, followed by eight digits and a product category code (Example code: A, X, Y, XC, etc.) at the end of the numbers. An example of the product registration number is MAL08054724T where T refers to the traditional product. You can surf the website www.bpfk.gov.my to identify whether the product is registered or not.

If the product is not registered, the complaint can be forwarded to any Pharmacy Enforcement Division nearby.

Last Reviewed: 30 January 2012

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