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Oral Care Product : Mouth Rinse

What is mouth rinse?

  • Mouth rinse (or mouth wash) is a liquid or solution use by gargling or rinsing our mouth.  Mouth rinse usually prescribed by dentist or doctor for certain purposes.  It is available in hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets.

When should you use mouth rinse?

There are few indications for using mouth rinse:

  • To treat mouth infection, especially bacteria, and also fungal
  • As an adjunct to tooth brushing
  • Replace tooth brushing after oral surgery or oral trauma
  • For oral refreshing effect and temporary eliminate mouth odour
  • Enhance tooth brushing
  • Soothing and dry mouth-relieving effect
  • Facilitate oral tissue healing

What are types of mouth rinse available?

Different mouth rinse acts differently depending on their active ingredient, these are few examples:

  • Anti-plaque mouth rinse may contain anti-plaque agent (eg Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Cetylpyridinium Chloride)
  • Anti-caries mouth rinse may contain fluoride
  • Desensitizing mouth rinse may contain desensitizing agent (eg arginine, potassium nitrate)
  • Pain relieving mouth rinse may contain pain relieving and anti inflammatory agent ( eg: benzydamine hydrochloride)
  • Soothing & dry mouth-relieving effect mouth rinse may has combine enzyme based protection, usually prescribed in post-cancer therapy patient with oral mucositis
  • Some mouth rinse contains hyaluronan that helps facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process of oral tissue.

Right usage of suitable mouth rinse under professional advice is recommended.

How to use mouth rinse?

  • Different mouth rinse may has different ways of usage, preferably on the dentist’s advice, for example:
    • place in the mouth at least 30 second, to ensure effectiveness in their action.
    • Use before or after brushing
    • Use after meal/breakfast or before sleep
    • does not need to be diluted.
  • please use mouthrinse on advice of dentist and follows instruction printed at the product label.

Tips in choosing the right mouth rinse.

  • Use mouth rinse when necessary because effective brushing alone is adequate to provide favorable oral hygiene.
  • There are many types of mouth rinse with different ingredient and properties and for different usage.
  • Choose for non-alcohol containing mouth rinse.  Alcohol may harsh and cause dryness to oral tissue.
  • Some mouth rinse may contain more than 10 percent alcohol contain may trigger alcoholism relapse in patient after years of abstinence.
  • Get advice from dentist

Does mouth rinse have any adverse effect?

Common adverse effect such as

  • Unpleasant taste and burning sensation
  • Disturbed taste buds
  • Tooth staining
  • Dry mouth

    Figure 1: Usage of mouth rinse does not eliminate the need of tooth brushing

Last Reviewed : 26 November 2014
Writer : Dr. Sharifah Maznah bt. Wan Mohamad
Accreditor : Dr. Ahmad Sharifuddin b. Mohd Asari