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LASER in Plastic Surgery


LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

LASER consists of light rays with modifiable wavelength. The light ray produces energy and this energy will be absorbed by target cells in the skin. Energy will be converted into heat to destroy the target cells.  Each LASER equipment has different function to treat various medical condition or aesthetic purposes. For example LASER equipment to treat pigmentation problem cannot be used to treat tattoo or hair removal. This is because the designated wavelength will only target melanin cells in the skin hence it will not be effective for tattoo pigment or hair follicles.

The use of LASER in Plastic Surgery

LASER has been widely used in the medical field and cosmetic procedure is one of them. The demand for minimally invasive procedures such as BOTOX and dermal filler are increasing. LASER treatment is also very much sought after. LASER can be used to treat pigmentation problems, visible veins under the skin, tattoo removal, hair removal, skin resurfacing for scars as well as for facial rejuvenation.

LASER can also be used to treat vascular anomalies such as port wine stain, naevus of Ota, hemangioma, benign skin conditions like keratosis, skin tag, oil seeds and others.

Who is suitable for LASER?

Those who wish to have LASER treatment either for medical treatment or cosmetic reason should seek medical advice. Avoid LASER treatment offered by non- medical personnel.


LASER treatment is based on light that produces heat into the target cells. Sun burn like appearance may occur on the skin. In severe cases swelling, blister formation or even burn may also occur. The affected skin is sensitive to sun exposure and if care is not taken hyperpigmentation may occur after the LASER, which is also called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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Last reviewed : 16 January 2015
Writer/Translator : Dr. Salina bt. Ibrahim
Accreditor : Dr. Normala b. Hj Basiron