Foot Care

Why is foot care important?

  • Foot has an important function to bear the body weight
  • A neglected foot will cause many foot problems
  • Foot problems will affect gait and body image

“Shoes too tight”

What are the common foot problems?

Foot Problem
Causes And Description
Athlete’s foot
  • Caused by fungal and bacterial infection
  • Occurs if feet are in damp and warm environment
  • It appears red, blistered, peeling and itching
  • Anti fungal cream and/or anti bacterial cream
  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Change your socks regularly
Dry/cracked skin
  • It causes itching, burning sensation and maybe painful
  • Use mild soap and moisturizers every day
  • Caused by poor fitting shoes
  • Big toe joints become swollen and tender
  • Use shoes cut wide at the instep and toes
  • Use protective pads
Ingrown toenails
  • The corner of the nail grows downward into the skin causing a cut which can get infected
  • Common in the large toe
  • Proper (cut straight) and regular trimming of toe nails
  • Infected wounds should be treated by a doctor
Corns and calluses
  • Caused by continuous friction and pressure
  • Use good fitting shoes
  • Avoid high heels
  • See podiatrist or doctor
  • Skin growth caused by virus
  • See doctor for treatment

What are the common causes of foot problems?

  • Disease
  • Ill fitting shoes
  • Years of wear and tear
  • Poor circulation
  • Improperly trimmed toenails

How should you care for your feet?

  • Check feet regularly
  • Practice good foot hygiene
  • Choose suitable shoes
  • Improve blood circulation to feet by:
    • Regular exercise
    • Gentle massage
    • Warm foot bath
  • Elevation of the feet after prolonged standing or when tired
  • Avoid activities that reduce blood circulation to feet, such as:
    • Pressure from tight shoes
    • Sitting too long
    • Sitting with legs crossed for long periods
    • Wearing tight pants/stockings

How do you choose suitable shoes?

  • Use the right footwear for a specific activity
  • Always measure feet before buying shoes as foot width may increase with age
  • Buy shoes in the evening because your feet expand through the day
  • Try out the shoes on both feet and walk around in the store
  • Ensure enough space for your toes to move
  • Choose shoes where the upper part is made of a soft, flexible material to match the shape of foot. Soft leather is a good choice because it normally does not cause skin irritation
  • Choose a thick and soft sole because it lessens pressure when walking on hard surface, and shoes that have good arch support
Last Reviewed : 28 August 2020
Content Writer : Dr. Nor Asiah bt. Hashim
Reviewer : Dr. Nazhatussima bt. Suhaili