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Establishment Of The Board Of Medical Procedure At MOH Hospitals


Medical Board is a committee established and appointed by the State Health Director / Director of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a particular purpose. All applications must be sent directly to the Medical Board of the Department of State Health / Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Applications for the possibility retirement government officials for reasons of health shall use the format of Appendix A of the Circular Bil.10 / 1995 and delivered complete with copies of the documents as required in such form while applications for other reasons shall be in writing according to their individual needs.

Patients should be present on the day of the Medical Board convened. However, for the certain cases, patients should be exempted from the Medical Board. If additional information is required, information can get from medical officer who treated the patient / employer / family / private medical officer.

Medical Board’s result will be issued within 6 weeks of receipt of a complete application.

The Purpose Of Establishment Of The Medical Board


  1. An officer is found to be unwell after spend all annual leave are usually sick.
  2. A medical officer is of the opinion that there is hopeless for employees to be healthy for the task.
  3. Once in every year for 3 consecutive years the officers has been on leave for 45 days or more.
  4. Unhealth brain or health officials suspected.
  5. the officers have been injured / illness during service duty (for the purposes of the Scheme Ex-Gratia Work Disaster For Members Public services).
  6. An officer diagnosed with tuberculosis, leprosy or cancer. 
  7. The officer or his family should be checked for abroad because there is no such treatment in this country.
  8. Other situation such as the direction of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Examples such as the purchase of medical equipment and remuneration drugs.

Medical Board Panel

Members of the Medical Board shall consist of not less than two (2) medical officers one of whom shall be an expert in this type of illness or injury sustained by the officer checked.

Chairman of the Medical Board is a director or deputy director of the Hospital or Department Head. Medical Board be convened if there are only a Chairman and a member of the Board. Medical Board established cannot be composed by any medical officer who treated the officer to be examined.

Medical Board Fee

Total remuneration of the Board of Medicine is based on the Fees (Medical) (Amendment) Act 2003 which is RM200.00. Payment can be made by post or that person to the hospital where the Medical Board was established.

Payment by mail can be addressed to the Director of the State Department of Health or the Hospital Kuala Lumpur by check / money order / money order in the name of the hospital where the Medical Board of Directors established.

If payment is made directly to the hospital where the Medical Board established whether payment by cash / cheque / money order / remittance then the copy of the receipt to be submitted by the applicant to the Director of the Department of State Health / Hospital Kuala Lumpur as proof of payment.


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Last Reviewed : 11 August 2017
Writer : Pn. Kamariah Binti Ibrahim
Translator : Pn. Hasnah Binti Ismail
Accreditor : Pn. Siti Ajar Binti Baharim