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Dental Charges


Dental charges at government dental clinics and hospitals follow the Fees Act 1951 – Fees (Medical) Order 1982. The charges for dental treatment and services are specified in the Fees Schedule of the Fees Act. However the charges do not apply to :

  1. Government servants, government pensioners, members of their families and handicapped patient
  2. Employees of local authorities, statutory bodies and members of their families as well as their dependants
  3. Persons whose medical privileges are provided for in any other written law. Take note that relevant documents (eg.IC/ BC/ Passport, Guarantee Letter) are required as evidence of the above.


Charges for the various types of dental treatment and services are as follows:

  • SCHEDULED A (Out-Patient)
  • SCHEDULED E (Operation Charges)
  • SCHEDULED F (Dental Treatment)
  • SCHEDULED H (Medical Report)

Notes :

All citizens aged 60 years and above are exempted from registration fees for outpatient services in dental clinics and dental specialist clinics.  3rd class ward patients are given a 50% reduction with a maximum charge of RM250 for each hospital admission. (Surat Pekeliling Bahagian Kew Bil 4/2011 dan Surat Pekeliling Bahagian Kew Bil 2/2012).

Schedule A (Out-Patient)


Hospital and Clinics Charges per visit
[inclusive of investigations]
General Hospitals RM 1.00
District Hospitals RM 1.00
Polyclinics RM 1.00


Types of referral Charges per visit
Referral from a Government Medical Officer Free for first visit
RM 5 for every follow-up
(Inclusive of any investigation)
Referral from a Private Practitioner RM 30 for first visit
RM 5 for every follow-up
(Exclusive of any investigation)
Follow-up cases discharged from the ward RM 5 per visit
(Inclusive of any investigation)

Schedule D (X-Rays)


Part 1
Radiological Examinations

Examination without Contrast Media First Class Second Class Third Class
Dental – Intra-oral RM 10
(per film)
RM 5
(per film)
RM 1
(per film)
Dental – OPG and Lateral RM 70
(per film)
RM 30
(per film)
RM 10
(per film)


Schedule E (Operation)


  First Class; Second Class Third Class
Operation Type A RM 3,000 RM 1,200 RM 200
Operation Type B RM 1,500 RM 600 RM 100
Operation Type C RM 800 RM 400 RM 50
Operation Type D RM 300 RM 150 RM 20
Operation Type E RM 150 RM 80 RM 15
Operation Type F RM 50 and below RM 40 and below RM 10 and below

Schedule F (Dental Treatment)


  First Class Second Class Third Class Out-Patient
Extraction – per tooth RM 15 RM 6 Free RM 1
Filling – per tooth RM 20 RM 8 Free RM 2
Inlay (excluding cost of metal) – per tooth RM 40 RM 16 Free RM 3
Crown (excluding cost of metal) – per tooth RM 40 RM 16 Free RM 3
Scaling – for each visit RM 40 RM 16 Free RM 2
Endodontic Treatment RM 55 RM 22 Free RM 4
Making of Full Dentures (excluding cost of metal)
Upper RM 100 RM 50 RM 25 RM 50
Lower RM 100 RM 50 RM 25 RM 50
Making of Partial Dentures (excluding cost of metal)
Upper/Lower plate RM 20 RM 10 RM 5 RM 10
For each additional tooth (RM 2) but subject to a maximum RM 100 RM 50 RM 25 RM 25
Repair of Dentures
each plate(excluding tooth) RM 5 RM 3 RM 1 RM 2
replacement (per tooth) RM 5 RM 3 RM 1 RM 2
Dental Appliances or Obturators
Small RM 75 RM 30 RM 15 RM 15
Medium RM 100 RM 40 RM 20 RM 20
Medium RM 125 RM 50 RM 25 RM 28
Orthodontic Appliances
Fixed appliances RM 500
Removable appliances Simple RM 100
Complex RM 200


Schedule H (Medical Report)

Part 4

Brief report/opinion prepared by Medical Officer RM 40
Brief report/opinion prepared by Specialist RM 80
Comprehensive opinion prepared by Specialist RM 200 – RM 1000 depending on the complexity of the opinion


Last Review : 23 August 2019
Writer : Dr. Che Noor Aini bt. Che Omar
Reviewer : Dr. Sharol Lail bin Sujak