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Crowded Teeth

When are teeth considered crowded?

Teeth that are irregularly positioned or not straight are crowded.

What causes crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth may be due to :

  • An inherited predisposition (in your genes).
  • A disproportion between size of jaws and tooth size.
  • Presence of extra teeth, malformed or impacted teeth
  • Early loss of milk or permanent teeth.
  • Bad oral habits e.g. thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and lip biting.

Are there any complications with crowded teeth?

Yes, crowded teeth are associated with :

  • Unattractive appearance.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Gum disease.
  • Jaw joint problems.

Can crowded teeth be corrected?

Treatment of moderate or severe crowding will improve oral health and appearance. The treatment may involve :

  • Extraction of one or more teeth without the need for braces.
  • Extraction of one or more teeth followed by using removable or fixed braces.

Is there a right time to start treatment?

Early treatment can encourage good dental development and simplify orthodontic treatment, if required in the future.

Where to go for orthodontic treatment?

Get a referral from a dentist or a medical doctor to see an orthodontist.

Log on to http://ohd.moh.gov.my for more information on dental facilities and directory.

Last reviewed : 20 April 2012
Writer : Dr. Azillah bt. Mohd Ali
    Dr. Che Noor Aini bt. Che Omar
Reviewer : Dr. Ruslan b. Dato’ Sulaiman