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Accreditors / Reviewers – Adult Group

No Nama Jawatan 1 Dr. Khalid b. Ibrahim Director, Sungai Buloh Hospital 2 Dato’ Dr. Azmi b. Hashim Director, Melaka State Health Department 3 Dato’ Dr. Abdul Razak b. Abdul Muttalif Director, Institute of Respiratory Medicine, Kuala Lumpur Hospital 4 Dato Dr. Hj Md. Hanip b. Rafia Head of Neurology …

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Accreditors / Reviewers – Newborn / Children Group

No Name Designation 1 Dr. Lee Fatt Soon Senior Consultant Physician (Geriatric) and Head of Geriatric Unit, Medical Department, Kuala Lumpur Hospital 2 Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Lee Kok Foo Head of Paediatric Department & Senior Consultant Paediatrician Kuala Terengganu Hospital 3 Cik Asmah Bt. Ahmad Optometrist, Eye Clinic, Seremban Hospital …

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FAQ’s Headache

Does my child need a brain scan? Children with classical migraine and tension headaches do not need a brain scan. However, if there are other symptoms that alert the doctor towards a more sinister diagnosis, then brain a scan will be necessary. Such symptoms include fever, persisting unremitting headache, visual …

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Suicide & Para suicide

  Introduction Suicide is the act of intentionally taking ones life. When the act does not result in death, it is called Para suicide. The rate of suicide varies across nation and culture. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that about 1 million people died of suicide every year. Typically …

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Introduction The most common mental health problem among the elderly is depression. 25 % of elderly people over 65 years can have depression.There are many reasons why you become depressed. It might be due to financial, social or physical losses. You may have a higher chance of developing depression if …

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Handling Stress

Introduction What is stress? Stress is a consequence of body response to demands made upon it. Stress is a normal part of life. Many things can be stressful such as moving to a new house, change in job, divorce or death of someone close. . Is stress always harmful? Stress …

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