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Introduction In mental health, a number of different theories are used as models to explain human behavior. There are three main theories of psychotherapy that commonly used in Malaysia such as behavioral model, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic (or psychoanalysis). This section describes each of the psychotherapies in relation to the …

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Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways in the respiratory system. In other languages and dialects, it is also known as ‘lelah’, ‘semput’ and ‘penat’ in Malay, and ‘Chei Har’ in Chinese. However these terms tend to be used loosely with other respiratory conditions. How does your respiratory system function? …

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Food Safety and Quality

Question 1 What is the effect of warming up the expressed mothers’ breast milk in a plastic storage bag? Answer 1 Breast milk is the best food for babies. There are many ways to store expressed breast milk. It can be stored in milk bottles, containers or in milk storage …

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Understanding Mental Health Problems

Introduction Recently, there has a been a lot of focus on mental health. As our country progresses from a developing to developed status, mental health disorders is becoming more rampant and the number is increasing by year. The past decade had shown a significant increase in the numbers of suicide …

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Accreditors / Reviewers – Oral Health Group

No. Name Designation 1 Dr. Noraini @ Nun Nahar bt. Yunus Senior Consultant Specialist (Pediatric Dentistry) Kuala Lumpur General Hospital 2 Dr. Norma bt. Abd. Jalil Senior Consultant Specialist (Oral Surgery) Kuala Lumpur General Hospital 3 Dr. Shah Kamal Khan b. Jamal Din Senior Consultant Specialist (Oral Surgery) Sultanah Bahiyah …

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