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Keeping Well

Safety Tips: Tennis

Tennis injury is rare. But bear in mind that injuries do happens if you are not aware of the safety precautions. Maybe some of you have heard of the condition “tennis elbow”. These occur due to repetitive movements in this sport that can lead to overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries can …

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Safety Tips: Skateboard / Rollerblading

Skateboarding and rollerblading is an increasingly popular recreational sports among teenagers especially males. It is a fun and challenging sports which requires skills and a low aerobic impact. Practicing this sport safely by using proper safety equipment is most important. You can have fun but safety always comes first. This …

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Safety Tips: Basketball

Basketball is a fun and great exercise to be played. Since basketball is a form of contact sport, injuries can occur frequently. Everyone is playing it because they love the game. And since basketball is played all year round, repetitive injuries resulting from overuse easily happen. Why basketball safety is …

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Health Service for Adolescent

This service is available in all government health clinics for individuals 10-19 years old in accordance with the National Youth Health Policy that emphasizes the well-being of adolescents’ overall physical, social, mental and spiritual attributes. When did the service start? The Adolescent Health Service started in 1996 under the expanded …

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Sports & Injury

Most sports are not free from injuries. Sports injuries vary with the kind of sport and the mechanism of its injury. However injuries are more common in contact sports.   What are the common causes of sports injuries? Collisions Direct blows – by the opponent or by a sport equipment …

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