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Mental Health Problems

Adolescents with Disability

  What are teens with disabilities? Teens with disabilities include teens who have intellectual, mental, physical, sensory impairment or combination of impairments. The impairment can occur from birth or occur anytime during the course of their lives. Adolescence is a time of great emotional and psychological change, of emerging sexuality …

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Internet Addiction

http://www.sanctuarydelraybeach.com Does internet addiction really exist? If does exist, what are people addicted to? The term of internet addiction was coined in the mid-90s by Dr. Ivan Goldberg. It is an addiction or abuse of “process”. It is not an addiction or abuse of a substance. Technological addictions are operationally …

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Mental Disorder Among Teenagers

Mental disorder can affect any of us. It does not just affect adults. It happens in adolescents too.  In Malaysia, mental disorder is among the top 10 causes of illness amongst adults and some of these problems started in adolescence period. It also affects about 1 out of 10 children …

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What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is very common and is increasing. The actual incidence is not known, as most victims of cyberbullying didn’t came forward to seek help. Cyberbullying can include threatening, humiliating, or intimidating someone, through the electronic medium such as instant-messaging programs, chat rooms, e-mail, social networking sites, mobile …

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What is sexting? Sexting is the act of sending provocative or sexual photos, messages or videos using a mobile phone. It also includes posting provocative or sexual photos online. Some of the young people do sexting willingly, while others may be forced into it by their boyfriends / girlfriends or …

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