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Living Skills

Negotiating Skills

What are negotiating skills? Negotiating skills refer to the ability that enables one to work towards an agreement These skills are required when two persons want something from each other. Why do you lack negotiating skills? Negotiating skills may be lacking due to: Lack of experience Immaturity Lack of opportunities …

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Handling Separation

Why is separation a stressful time? As separation involves making changes to many aspects of your lives, you may find the journey to a new life, home or relationship very challenging. Separation is usually a traumatic event in any person’s life, especially when there is on-going conflict about arrangements that …

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Communication Skills

Introduction Communication is important for you to express your thoughts and feelings. Effective communication witd people helps you to establish a healtdy relationship with them.What is good communication? Good communication habits involve: Stating tde issue clearly Taking turns to talk Take note what is good or bad communication habits Disagreeing …

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What is assertiveness? Assertiveness means taking responsibility and being in control of yourself. It is the ability to express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs honestly and clearly and at the same time considering the needs and feelings of others. Who is an assertive person? A person who is assertive: Expresses …

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Coping With Domestic Violence


INRODUCTION Domestic violence happens all over the world. In Malaysia, a report by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) showed that 75% of women who sought shelter in 2009 were as a result of Domestic Violence. Stastistics from the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) also showed an increasing trend of Domestic Violence …

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