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Your Emotion

Teasing: How to Cope

What is teasing? Teasing is the verbal assault of one or more teens on another for the purpose of hurting the other person’s feelings and making them feel bad. Facts on teen who tease: Fact no 1: It is a fact that behaviours are strengthen or weakened by their consequences. …

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Happy Family, Happy Teens

photo by www.hastos.info Family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group. Each family has it’s own strength. For a family to function properly, everyone needs to get along and feel a minimum of stress and unhappiness. Everyone wants a functioning home and …

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Mood Changes

1.       Why are teenagers prone to mood changes? This is because: Many bodily changes are taking place as a child develops into an adult. Hormonal changes during puberty. Inability to cope and respond appropriately with these changes. 2.       When mood are changesa problem? It becomes a problem when you: …

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