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Parenting Teens

I Am A Teenage Dad!

Teenage pregnancy and teen parenthood have been major social problems in the United States in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It has also become more common in our country. Life as a teen can be very challenging. That is the reality. You spend long hours in school and …

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Nagging Parents

Nagging is one of the problems faced by many teens. Your parents may constantly be asking ‘have you done your homework?’; ‘Have you clean your room?’; ‘What time will you be home?’. Relentless nagging may be one of your parents’ talents. Nagging is often a problem for parents who try …

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Parental Conflict

photo credit: www.bbc.co.uk Children develop and perform best when they grow up in a loving, safe and stable environment. In an ideal situation, parents live harmoniously, love each other and work together in the shared, best interests of their children. However, in reality, this may not happen all the time. …

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