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People With Disabilities


Introduction Behaviour problems or ‘challenging behaviours’ and adaptive skill deficits are common among disabled children and adults, particularly those with severe learning difficulties. Problem behaviours include: Aggressive / violent behaviour Noncompliant / oppositional behaviour Social dependence behaviour Avoidant behaviour Passive behaviour Causes What causes behaviour problems? Most behaviour is learnt. …

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Introduction Hearing Loss makes people been isolated as they cannot understand what other people say and always miss interpreted. They also may involve with accident or losing their job. Three Main Types of hearing loss : Conductive Caused by a problem in the outer ear or middle ear. Usually affect …

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General Disabilities

Introduction A Person with Disability is defined as ; “Any person unable to perform activities of daily living by himself as a result of a deficiency in his physical or mental capabilities.” About 10% of population experience varying degrees of disability. Of this, 6% are able to cope with their …

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