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Healthy Lifestyle

Be Healthy For Life

Be Healthy For Life Key to be healthy for life The key to be healthy for life is to live a healthy lifestyle which includes : Eat healthy Do not smoke Be physically active Learn to handle stress Benefits of a healthy lifestyle Improves your health status – live a …

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Organ Donation

Organ or tissue donation is a noble practice. It is not new in Malaysia as it is a treatment method that has been accepted in our country. The number of patients who need organ transplants is increasing from year to year, but the number of pledgers who want to donate after death is low.

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Quit Smoking

Do not smoke. Be healthy for life Smoking increases the risk, up to 10 times of getting 40 serious diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases and stroke. Smoking can affect almost every organ and tissue of your body. Why should I stop smoking? Smoking is bad for everyone.It is …

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