Needle Syringe Exchange Program (NSEP)

What is NSEP programme NSEP is an acronym for Needle Syringe Exchange Programme. It is a part of harm reduction programme. It is a programme where used needles and syringes are exchanged with sterile ones among intravenous drug users Who is the target group Clients who are involved with intravenous …

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HIV Theraphy

Current HIV therapy available in selected government health clinics and most hospitals in Malaysia is highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). HAART therapy consists of at least three antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to suppress the HIV virus and to stop the disease progression. Not all patients will require the treatment in the …

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Introduction What is HIV and AIDS? HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that causes AIDS. The HIV infection will gradually destroy the body’s immune system, making it vulnerable to a whole range of infections and cancers. AIDS stands for ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”. It is a collection of sysmptoms, …

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