Smoking and Air Conditioning

Introduction People have known the dangers of smoking to health. Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, addiction, fetal loss, impotence and so on. Regulations 2004 amendments to the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2005 have been underlined prohibited area and if convicted can be fined a maximum …

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Alert Organisms

Introduction / Definition Alert organisms / condition is one of a specified list of microorganisms / infections, which on identification should be referred to the IPC Lead (Infection & Prevention Committee) to: Investigate possible healthcare associated infection Address possible ongoing transmission risks by advising on control measures Investigate as an …

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Protein Electrophoresis

Defintion Protein electrophoresis is a process that separates proteins based on their size and electrical charge. This forms a characteristic pattern of bands of different widths and intensities on a test media and reflects the mixture of proteins present in the body fluid evaluated. For serum protein electrophoresis, the pattern …

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Introduction What is HPV? HPV is short for human papillomavirus. There are many different types of HPV and of course, there are more than 100, in fact probably more than 200, HPV types out there. HPV is a different virus than HIV and HSV (herpes). The other thing we should …

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Health Advisory For People Visiting The Forest

Malaysia is a country rich in natural forest. Our forests are very rich in flora and fauna species that do not only contribute to environmental well-being but also an eco-tourism attractions. Hutan lipur, national parks or recreation areas are frequently visited by local and oversea tourists. Those who visits the …

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