Malaria : Re-emerging

Malaria is a vector-borne infectious diseases. Infecting human, birds, monkeys and other primates. There are only five (5) types of parasites that have been identified as the cause of malaria, namely plasmodium falciparum, plasmodium vivax, plasmodium ovale, plasmodium malariae, and plasmodium knowlesi once only known to exist in animals such as monkeys.

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

What is PCR? Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a relatively fast and simple laboratory technique that can detect a nucleic acid fragment by the amplification of small segments of DNA. PCR is now a common and often necessary technique used in medical and biological research for a variety of applications …

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Floods And Risk Of Disease

Floods Floods is an overflowing of water onto land which is normally dry. Floods are one of the phenomenon that often occurred in the country. Floods often happen every year from September to February in the states of Malaysia, mostly due to heavy rains. Floods can leave some side effects …

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