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Introduction To Orthodontics

What Is Orthodontics? Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that is focused on the development of the teeth and the skeletal profile. Variations in the skeletal and dental development could result in functional and aesthetic difficulties for an individual and orthodontics seeks to either intercept these variations in development …

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Functional Appliances

Introduction and Defination Functional appliances are orthodontic appliances that utilize the forces of orofacial musculature and the modification of growth to correct malocclusion via varying amounts of dental and skeletal effects. They are mostly used to correct Class II malocclusions and only some mild cases of Class III malocclusions. They …

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Hurrah! You get my braces off today. Congratulations you must be very pleased with your teeth and smile. But hold on….. we are not done yet….. you still need RETAINERS! What are orthodontic retainers? Retainers are custom made appliances that are fitted in after the completion of the active orthodontic …

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Removable Appliance

Removable appliance is one of several types of devices used in orthodontic treatment; the others are fixed appliance, functional appliance and extra-oral device. Nowadays, the use of removable appliance is limited due to its unreliability in achieving satisfactory treatment outcome. Removable appliance can be of benefit in some cases, especially …

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