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Healthy Eating

Healthy Snacks

What is a healthy snack? Snacking can add vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the diet. It fulfills both nutritional and social needs. Snacking time should always be fun and informal and a variety of foods should be incorporated. Purpose of snacking Snacking can add vitamins, minerals and other nutrients …

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Fast Food

What are fast foods? Fast foods are usually purchased at an outlet featuring quick service and convenience. Can we consume fast foods? You can eat fast foods as part of a healthy diet. Choose wisely and limit your intake to twice a month because fast foods are usually high in …

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Nutritional Deficiencies in Adolescents

Why is nutrition special to you? You are not only maturing physically but also psychosocially and cognitively. You are always exposed to inadequate intake due to: Irregular meals and snackings. Skipping meals. Eating away from home. Following alternative dietary patterns. Therefore, you are likely to obtain less essential micronutrients such …

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Nutritional Requirement for Teens

Why is nutrition important to you? Healthy nutrition is important to: Support rapid growth. Be active. Sustain good health. Provide energy and nutrients to carry out normal daily activities. Develop sexual maturation (before menarche in girls and when secondary characteristics appear in boys). Provide extra energy more for boys (when …

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