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Diet & Disease

Diet For Fatty Liver Disease

Dietary management of fatty liver patients is dependent on the cause of the disease whether the problem is overweight, obesity, high blood cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, or excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore, patients must adhere to a diet that has been prescribed to reduce fat in the liver tissue.

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Neutropenic Diet

A diet that designed to help people with weakened immune system is called neutropenic diet. It helps to protect those patients from bacteria and other harmful organisms found in some food and drinks.

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Examples of menu for diabetic patient

Examples of menu planning for a diabetic patient (1800 kcal/day) The menu below  is only a sample of one day menu for diabetic patients who require 1800kcal/day (normal body weight of 60kg). Calorie needs are different for each individual and menu planning need to be tailored according to patient’s actual …

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Diet untuk Diabetes Mellitus

Maklumat Pengurusan Diet Mencapai dan mengekalkan : Paras gula dalam darah berada dalam julat normal Puasa 4.4 –  6.1 mmol/l Tidak puasa 4.4 –  8.0 mmol/l HbA1c < 6.5 % Paras lemak dan kolesterol dalam julat normal Triglycerides ?1.7 mmol/L HDL cholesterol ? 1.1 mmol/L LDL cholesterol ? 2.6 mmol/L …

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Diet and Stress

“We are what we eat”. Having a balance diet could help in preventing stress. Being overstressed could reduce energy, weakens our memory, immune system and concentration, disrupt mood, and affect all organs and body functions. With the intake of balance meals, healthy wellbeing could be maintained while ensuring a stable mental and physical health. The balance diet has to be based on the food pyramid.

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