Dietary Management for Diabetes Mellitus

Introduction Goals of dietary management: To maintain blood glucose as near normal as possible To reduce your cholesterol level To prevent complications of diabetes There are 3 food groups: Group 1 : Food to be avoided Group 2 : Food to be taken in restricted amounts Group 3: Food which …

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Diet For Fatty Liver Disease

Dietary management of fatty liver patients is dependent on the cause of the disease whether the problem is overweight, obesity, high blood cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, or excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore, patients must adhere to a diet that has been prescribed to reduce fat in the liver tissue.

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Neutropenic Diet

A diet that designed to help people with weakened immune system is called neutropenic diet. It helps to protect those patients from bacteria and other harmful organisms found in some food and drinks.

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Contaminants in Food

Definition Contaminants are referring to any harmful substances that have not been intentionally added into foods which can cause consumer illness. In general, there are 3 main types of contaminants in foods : physical microbiological chemical. According to Malaysian Food Regulations 1985, contaminants are known as ‘incidental constituent’ which means …

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