Neutropenic Diet

What Is Neutropenic Diet? A diet that designed to help people with weakened immune system is called neutropenic diet. It helps to protect those patients from bacteria and other harmful organisms found in some food and drinks. People with weakened immune system will face difficulties to protect their body from …

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Contaminants in Food

Definition Contaminants are referring to any harmful substances that have not been intentionally added into foods which can cause consumer illness. In general, there are 3 main types of contaminants in foods : physical microbiological chemical. According to Malaysian Food Regulations 1985, contaminants are known as ‘incidental constituent’ which means …

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Foods For Healthy Eye

Introduction Just as your bones need calcium to stay healthy and strong, your eyes also needs specific nutrient to maintain proper retinal function and support overall eye health. Don’t wait until the aging process is begun, because in order to get healthy eye it should be started since pregnancy period. …

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5 Guides To Safer Food

Introduction Safe food preparation is crucial to avoid food borne illness especially food poisoning episode. Factors that contribute to food poisoning are : Food which is contaminated with micro-organisms from : faeces soil water rats, mice insects and pests domestic farm animals humans, through their hands. Micro-organism are able to …

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Use of Safe Cookware

Introduction Containers and utensils are cookwares designed for use in cooking food. Examples of cookwares : woks, pots and pans bakewares microwave safe containers steamers ladles, spoons. Ideally, cookwares should be made of an inert substance that DOES NOT ; peel, chip, crack, craze, vaporise, dissolve, OR harbour bacteria. In …

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