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Mental Health for Kids


Good touch can be described as touch that makes someone feel warm, comfortable and safe inside, like when your parents hug you. Bad touch can be described as touch that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe and gives you bad feelings inside like feeling sad, ashamed or frightened.

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Facebook Friends

Facebook helps you to socialize with people you meet you add them as friend so you can keep in touch, make arrangements, make groups for special activities, find old friends you didn’t see in a long time that had moved away or something etc.

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School Refusal

http://thecoffeeklatch.com/wp-content/plugins/image-shadow/cache/ef.jpg School refusal is a serious emotional disorder in children.It occurs in 1-5% of children and prevalent equally in boys and girls. It is usually seen in the beginning of the school term especially when the child first starts school: During preschool Starting Year 1 of primary school Starting Form …

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Mental Health Need of Pre-School

What Parent can do

Introduction Children between the age of two to five years develop rapidly especially in language, social and cognitive skills. They will gradually acquire the ability to understand feelings and to be able to play symbolically and imaginatively. They started to venture further from home, forming relationships with peers and adults …

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Factor Affecting Mental Health Development

Protective factors can increase resiliency in a child. Resilient children can overcome and cope better against risk factors and negative life events. The following are some risk and protective factors that may affect the mental health of children: Risk Factors Protective factors Biological Exposure to toxins (e.g. tobacco, alcohol) in …

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Learning Difficulties

Introduction Learning requires complex skills. Input through vision, hearing, touch, emotion, physical movement and balance will be processed together. To learn, an individual needs to be able to concentrate, remember, analyze and apply i.e. must have cognitive ability. Any problems with the processing the system or getting input will affect …

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Managing Stress in Children

Introduction Normal stress helps us to prepare with challenges for greater learning and opportunity, such as the experience before meeting new people,  going to a new places or going to school. However, constant stress leads to problems that can have long lasting consequence.  Many parents feel that children are only …

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What is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is the value or worth that we associate with or describe ourselves. Why do you need it? A good self-esteem will make me: Confident Motivated Cope well with problems Self-esteem allows me to make choices between success and failure. With a good self-esteem I am likely …

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