Mental Health Needs of Infants

What are the Mental Health Needs of Infants? Mental health needs of infants refers to the healthy social-emotional developmental needs of children and their relationships with primary attachment- figures (caregivers) from birth until the age of five. The early attachment and temperament are the building blocks for later personality development. …

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Mass media, and social media in particular are an integral part of our every lives. They serve as a platform for communication, exchange of information, entertainment, and social activism. The prevalence of social network sites speaks of its demand and reach.

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Money And Life Quality

In Malaysia, Quality of life can be describe as, included self-development, healthy lifestyle, achievement and freedom in getting knowledge and achieving great life status by excessing the needs and individual psychology for achieving social prosperous due to National ambition.

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5 Love Languages

  “My husband is not like others’ husband. Always says “I Love You”. My husband is not romantic. Holding my hands also he does not! My husband never helps me in doing house chores. Sometimes my husband did not remember our important date! Gift also never gave, too.  My husband …

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