Schizophrenia in Prime Years

Introduction Schizophrenia is a brain disorder just like epilepsy, Dementia or Multiple sclerosis. It usually first appears in young people. It affect 1% of general population throughout the world. Signs and Symptoms Disturbance of thought. Delusions: A fixed, false beliefs not amenable to reasoning. For example belief that other people …

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Mental Health Needs of Infants

What are the Mental Health Needs of Infants? Mental health needs of infants refers to the healthy social-emotional developmental needs of children and their relationships with primary attachment- figures (caregivers) from birth until the age of five. The early attachment and temperament are the building blocks for later personality development. …

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Money And Life Quality

In Malaysia, Quality of life can be describe as, included self-development, healthy lifestyle, achievement and freedom in getting knowledge and achieving great life status by excessing the needs and individual psychology for achieving social prosperous due to National ambition.

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