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Medicine Control

Food Supplement Products Which Are Mixed With Banned Substances

Food supplement products are not regulated under Poison Act 1952. They are under control of Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health. The division monitors and takes action for any offense related to acts regulated by them. However, food or drink supplements which are known to be mixed with substances that are regulated under Poison Act 1952 will be monitored and controlled by Pharmacy Enforcement Division (PED), Ministry of Health. This division, on the other hand, will take necessary actions to any products manufacturer or importer who has offended the law.

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Current MeditagTM Hologram Security Sticker

Registration of Pharmaceutical Products in Malaysia Ministry of Health Malaysia always strive to ensure all pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the market are off good quality, safe, efficacious and regulated according to related laws. Therefore, all pharmaceutical products including health supplements and traditional products should be registered with Drug Control …

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