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Drug Facts

Activated Charcoal

Introduction Charcoal is usually made of coal, wood or coconut shell. An activated charcoal is very similar to common charcoal. It is a fine black odourless and tasteless powder used for treatment and regarded as medicines. Activated charcoal has been used since ancient time to treat various types of illness …

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Calcium (Oral)

Calcium is one of the important elements that our human body needs. It is essential for some physiological process in our body and calcium is important in building bones and teeth especially among growing children. Calcium absorbtion is facilitated by vitamin D3. Calcium intake without vitamin D3 will affect the …

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Rotavirus Vaccine

Introduction: Importance of Vaccination Rotavirus is named because of its similarity in appearance to a wheel (rota means wheel in Latin) when viewed by electron microscopy. Rotavirus is the most common virus causing severe diarrhoea and vomiting that leads to severe body fluid loss among infants and young children throughout …

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Pneumococcal Vaccine

What are Pneumococcal Diseases? Pneumococcal diseases are infections caused by the bacterium called Streptococcus pneumoniae infecting adults and children alike but it affects young children and the elderly more commonly. The bacterium can bring about different types of infections which include lung infections/inflammation (pneumonia), meningitis (inflammation of the membrane surrounding …

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Antihistamines in children

Introduction Antihistamines have been at the forefront of treatment for allergic condition for years because they work well to relieve symptoms of different types of allergies, including seasonal, indoor and food allergies. In children, antihistamines are among the most commonly prescribed medicines. Antihistamines are a group (class) of medicines used …

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Benefit and risk of painkiller

What is painkiller? Painkillers or analgesics are drugs designed specifically to relief pain. There are several types of analgesics available either through prescription or over the counter in multiple pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablet, capsule, liquid, injectable, suppository or transdermal patch. Analgesics include paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen; commonly …

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