Healthy Eating for Elderly

Healthy eating is essential regardless of age. But as we aged, healthy eating helps us in better managing our existing chronic illnesses, increases resistance to diseases and at the same time maintaining good emotional balanced and positive outlook. Why do we need to eat healthily? Live longer and stronger Well-balanced …

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Safe Environment for the Elderly

Introduction Nowadays, more and more elderly choose to age in a place where they used to live. They prefer to stay in environment that they are familiar with compared to living in an institution. Ensuring safe living environment for elderly is crucial as to prevent injuries from falling particularly those …

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Healthy Brain

Introduction Aging is associated with progressive losses in function across multiple systems (sensation, cognition, memory, motor control and affect) and they occur with increasing age. Characteristics of brain aging are loss of brain volume (white matter > gray matter) especially in the hippocampus and frontal lobes; loss of myelin; synapses …

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Physical Activity In Elderly

Introduction Across developed regions of the world, inactivity ranks alongside tobacco, alcohol, and obesity as a leading cause of reduced healthy life expectancy. It contributes to several specific health and function problems in old age and has pronounced effects on strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity, walking capacity, balance and mental and …

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