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Osgood Schlatter Disease

What is Osgood Schlatter Disease? Osgood Schlatter Disease is inflammation of the Patella Tendon among teens. The Patella Tendon is the connecting structure that is just below the lower margin of the knee cap.  Generally, other than pain, swelling will be noted over the said tendon. This condition is named …

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Physiotherapy In Early Intervention Program For Children With Special Needs

  Introduction Early intervention programs supports the needs of the infants and toddlers with development delays and disabilities. Physiotherapist can helps the families with their child’s development and ability to participate in age-appropriate and meaningful activities. Physiotherapist provides therapeutic intervention to enhance the gross motor and fine motor development skills …

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Introduction Why choose walking as an exercise among others exercises? Walking is the simplest form of exercise to execute, it is free and appropriate for anyone of any fitness level that can generate great benefits. The father of medicine, Hipocrates, said, “Walking is man’s best medicine”. Evidence shows that walking …

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Exercise and Osteoporosis

Introduction Osteoporosis results from reduced bone mass and disruption of the micro-architecture of bone, giving decreased bone strength and increased risk of fracture, particularly of the spine, hip, wrist, humerus, and pelvis. The risk of fractures increases steeply with age and most of those affected are over 75. Osteoporosis occurs …

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What is Scoliosis Scoliosis is a medical condition of the spine whereby the spine of an individual curves to the right or left. It is not a systemic disease. The word scoliosis is a Greek word which means crooked.  The spinal vertebrae will not only curve to the sides but …

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