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What Is Chromosome?

Introduction In cell’s nucleus, DNA is tightly coiled with histone protein and is packaged into thread-like macromolecule called Chromosome. “Chromosome” is derived from Greek word “ Chroma (colour), Soma (body)” History of Discovery 1866: Gregor Mendel discovered Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance from his work with peas hybridization 1882: Wather Flemming …

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Cytogenetics Test

Cytogenetics is the field of studying chromosomes structure and composition. For diagnostic purposes, cytogenetic test is able to detect abnormalities of human chromosomes’ gross structures and counts. Cases that are relevant to cytogenetic testing include Ambiguous Genitalia Newborns with birth defect Dysmorphism Infertility Mental Retardation Patients’ samples for cytogenetics test …

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