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Bulimia Nervosa

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

It is a problem when you binge and you vomit or purge almost immediately what you have eaten to maintain a certain low weight.

Like Anorexia Nervosa, you are obsessed with thinness, and will vomit and purge to compensate for the binge eating.

Binge – uncontrollably gorging yourself with food.

You may be aware that you have an eating problem.

Even if you realize it, you may still have difficulty controlling your eating behavior because it has become a habit.


Consequences of Bulimia Nervosa

You may have:

  • Frequent weight changes
  • Lack of nutrition leading to health problems
  • Teeth erosion and mouth ulcers due to stomach acid that is vomited out
  • Swollen salivary glands, giving you a puffy-faced look
  • Stomach and intestine problems (including ulcers, gastritis, and constipation)
  • Delayed period in girls
  • Fits or seizures


Last Reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Prof. Madya Dr. Alvin Ng Lai Oon
Reviewer : Dr. Norharlina bt. Bahar