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Eye Problems Among Elderly

Introduction Having a good eye sight is valuable compared to other things. It is unfortunate if an elder having a poor eye sight, one will stop from enjoying an active lifestyle. For instance; “Before this, I still able to read at near without holding the reading materials further away from …

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Medical Records Contents Scanning

Medical Records Contents Scanning To Solve The Issue Lack Of Space Medical Records Storage Introduction As a whole, there are currently 143 hospitals under the Ministry of health. This amount includes a total of 127 manual management hospitals (88%) and 16 or (12%) of IT hospital. Manual Management here means …

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Medical Records From The Perspective Of Medico Legal

Introduction Medical record is an official document which contains detailed information recorded by a medical practitioner and paramedic that related to the diseases, health screening and treatment of a patient. It contains demographic data, history of illness, examination notes and treatment performed during the period of treatment. From the perspective …

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Patient Management System (SPP)

Patient Management System (SPP) Pioneer Of Electronic Medical Record System In MOH Hospital Introduction And Development System SPP which stands for Sistem Pengurusan Pesakit (SPP) has started to become a household name among the staff of Ministry of Health. Did You Know What is SPP? Sistem Pengurusan Pesakit (SPP) is …

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How To Handle The Medico Legal Cases

Introduction Medical Records is a ‘legal document’ in accordance with medical ethics. Medical records contain information and future health care. As a written collection of information about a patient’s health and treatment, they are used essentially for the present and continuing care of the patient. In addition, medical records are …

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