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Current MeditagTM Hologram Security Sticker

Registration of Pharmaceutical Products in Malaysia Ministry of Health Malaysia always strive to ensure all pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the market are off good quality, safe, efficacious and regulated according to related laws. Therefore, all pharmaceutical products including health supplements and traditional products should be registered with Drug Control …

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Comparison on medicine advertisements control between Malaysia and United Kingdom

Introduction Medicines advertisement control in Malaysia is different from the United Kingdom. In Malaysia, the system applies are approval from the Medicine Advertisements Board (MAB) whereas in the United Kingdom they are practicing self-regulation control. The following are the comparison of medicine advertisements control between Malaysia and the United Kingdom: …

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Skin Whitening Products

Introduction Beauty is always being associated with fair, radiant and flawless skin. To achieve the desirable skin complexion, some spend a lot of money to try various skin whitening products in the market. It cannot be denied that there is high demand for such products among women regardless of their …

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Calcium (Oral)

Calcium is one of the important elements that our human body needs. It is essential for some physiological process in our body and calcium is important in building bones and teeth especially among growing children. Calcium absorbtion is facilitated by vitamin D3. Calcium intake without vitamin D3 will affect the …

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Mas Cotek

Mas cotek’s leaves and fruit (Courtesy from http://www.majalahsains.com/mas-cotek-tumbuhan-herba-ajaib/) Introduction Mas Cotek is a herbaceous plant used in Malay medicine. The scientific name of this plant is ‘Ficus Deltoidea’, known as Sempit-sempit in the state of Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan Islands. It is also known as ‘agoluran’ by certain ethnic groups …

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My dear, medicine is not a candy

Introduction Medicines are always being misunderstood by children as candies. The attractive shapes and colours of the medicines as well as childrens’ own curiosities may drive them to accidently consume the medicines. As a consequence, children might experince poisoining due to medicines consumption. According to World Health Organization (WHO), poisoning …

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