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Luteal phase support

Introduction Luteal phase is a second phase in menstrual cycle which occurs after ovulation. This phase is where the corpus luteum is formed and produce progesterone hormone. This phase is important as the preparation for the endometrium wall for the embryo to implant. Procedure Unlike in normal menstrual cycle, corpus …

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Fasting and Medicines

Introduction Fasting is common and widely practiced by the Eastern and Western cultures. Some of the reasons for fasting include religious, health and purification. There are various methods of fasting includes refraining from eating and drinking for a few hours or months. There are also restricting the intake of certain …

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Ask Your Pharmacy

Patient knowledge about medicines information is important to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Study shows that barriers to rationale use of medicines by patient may contributed by the following factors: patients have inadequate knowledge about medicines patient are not convinced of the need for treatment patients are concerned about …

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Activated Charcoal

Introduction Charcoal is usually made of coal, wood or coconut shell. An activated charcoal is very similar to common charcoal. It is a fine black odourless and tasteless powder used for treatment and regarded as medicines. Activated charcoal has been used since ancient time to treat various types of illness …

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Current MeditagTM Hologram Security Sticker

Registration of Pharmaceutical Products in Malaysia Ministry of Health Malaysia always strive to ensure all pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the market are off good quality, safe, efficacious and regulated according to related laws. Therefore, all pharmaceutical products including health supplements and traditional products should be registered with Drug Control …

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Comparison on medicine advertisements control between Malaysia and United Kingdom

Introduction Medicines advertisement control in Malaysia is different from the United Kingdom. In Malaysia, the system applies are approval from the Medicine Advertisements Board (MAB) whereas in the United Kingdom they are practicing self-regulation control. The following are the comparison of medicine advertisements control between Malaysia and the United Kingdom: …

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