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500 Orang Asli attend health camp

New Straits Times

Friday, 24/06/2011

500 Orang Asli attend health camp

ABOUT 500 Orang Asli from various villages gathered at Kluang recently for the two-day Kembara Jom Jaga Gigi dan Kesihatan Tahun 2011, an annual event organised by the State Health Department since 2008.

The health camp was held in Kampung Ladang Tereh and Kampung Punjot on the first day, and in Kampung Tanah Runtuh on the second.

Johor State Health director Dr Mohd Khairi Yakub said the Health Department had worked together with the Johor Orang Asli Affairs Department to ensure the aborigines benefited from the programme.

"The Orang Asli, being a minority, do not get to fully enjoy facilities such as schools, power and water supply and health amenities.

"This programme was aimed at teaching participants how to render first aid, so that they can administer it during an emergency before the ambulance arrives at the scene," Dr Khairi said.

Among the highlights of the event were poster exhibition, talks and dental check-up.

An awareness programme was also held to brief the community about the health risks associated with the consumption of pinang (betel nuts), sireh (pepper leaf) and tuak (an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar).

Kluang district officer Abu Bakar Omar, representing Mahkota assemblyman Md Jais Sarday, who is also the Johor Youth and Sports Committee chairman, officiated the event.


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