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On Line Shopping

Adolescents are a major proportion of internet users. Teenagers spend hours on computers either playing games, chatting or watching YouTube. Online shopping is the newest and easiest way to shop especially for teenagers. According to a poll in America, 40% of teenagers engage in online retails (Forrester Research Cambridge).

The current generation of teens are exposed to internet and internet advertisement more than any other generation before. Online shopping is very convenient for young people as they have easy access to computers and devices.

The idea of seeing the products modelled by fellow teens online and the easy payment method as well as quick delivery system makes online shopping more favourable to young people.

Source: www.isaactan.net

For teenagers living far away from major cities, online shopping also gives easy access to trendy clothes and other products that might not be available in their location. Teens can shop without even leaving the house and can do it anytime of the day.

Parents also feel they are able to exert control on their teenager’s shopping as some retail companies require parent’s credit card details and parents can put a cap on the amount spent. This gives the parents some control on their children’s’ spending. Some stores have prepaid internet shopping cards.

The downside of online shopping is the potential danger of overspending and the poor control of impulsivity in the young. The lure of shopping online can make the young person get addicted to the computer as the media allows the young user to surf the various links and website during the shopping.

Teenagers love to hang out in malls as well as it promotes peer connection. However online shopping is on the rise due to its convenience and attractive advertising. However parents need to monitor their teenager’s shopping habits.

Source: sme.org.my


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Last Reviewed : 28 Ogos 2017
Writer : Dr. Sheila Marimuthu
Accreditor : Dr. Hargeet Kaur a/p Basant Singh