Problem Solving

What is problem solving?

They refer to the ability to identify problems, its causes and to come up with the possible solutions.

Why do you lack problem solving skills?

Inability to develop problem solving skills can be due to:

  • Lack of life experiences
  • Immaturity
  • Inadequate opportunities to solve problem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low Self-esteem

What happens when you lack problem solving skills?

You will be unable to:

  • Prioritize the problem
  • Achieve a better way to solve the problem
  • Minimize resources
  • Reduce stress

How can you develop problem solving skills?

Practice these steps in problem solving:

  • I = Identify the problem:
    • List down the problem
    • Prioritize which to be solved first
    • Work on one problem at a time
  • D = Describe possible solutions:
  • E = Evaluate each solution:
    • Evaluate it’s “pros” and “cons”
    • Weigh the benefits and disadvantages
  • A = Act:
    • Choose the best solution
  • L = Learn:
    • How it affects you and others
    • If it does not work, don’t give up – go back to the list of solutions, choose another one and act on it

Where can you get help?

You should seek advice from your:

  • Parents
  • Trusted family members
  • School counselors
  • Religious teachers


Seek professional advice from:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists

Problem solving skills inventory

You can assess your capabilities in each of the skills listed below accordingto this scale:

1 = I have not done this yet
2 = I am not sure
3 = I can do this satisfactorily
4 = I can do this fairly well
5 = I can do this very well

____ I can anticipate problems before they occur
____ I can define the problem and identify possible/apparent causes.
____ I can identify possible alternative solutions and select the most appropriate ones
____ I can facilitate the group in identifying and evaluating possible solutions
____ I can develop plans to implement solutions
____ I can handle several problems at one time
____ I can understand the steps involved with critical thinking
____ I am able to recognize whether a problem needs to be dealt with

Add your score: Total score _________ SCORE:

8 – 16

More Work Required For This Area

17 – 31

Competent in Some Skills, Some Need More Work

32 – 40

Competent In This Area


Semakan akhir : 17 April 2014
Penulis : Dr. Farahida binti Md Dai
Penyemak : Dr. Norharlina bte, Bahar