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En. Hairol Kamal B. Abd Rahman


Working Experience:

1st Nov 1993 – 30th Mac 2002: Ipoh General Hospital as Counselor at Mental Health Unit
1st April 2002 – 31 Dec 2004: Penang General Hospital as Senior Counselor
1st January 2005 – May 2011: Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital as Senior Psychologist
15th May 2011 – 1th August 2012: Ketua Penolong Pengarah at Bahagian Kawalan Penyakit
1st August 2012 – Current: Hospital Rehablitasi Cheras as Head of Counselor



  1. Bac .Ed. (Guidance and Counseling) University Putra Malaysia.
  2. Master (Psychology Counseling) National University of Malaysia.
  3. Cert. of VTS, Biofeedback and REHACOM Schfried, Vienna Austria.

Current Duty and Expertise:

  1. Head of Psychology Counseling Profession since June 2011
  2. Board of Director for Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia 2014.
  3. Planning / designing and implementing employee assistance and health programs.
  4. Organization and Employee counseling.
  5. Handling difficult employees
  6. Planning / designing guidelines and policies in counseling services for Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  7. Planning career pathways and roadmaps for counseling profession in hospitals and health setting, Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  8. Coordinator for Mental Health and Psychological Response for Community.

Related duties:

      1. Providing Counseling services for:

        Individual (Adolescence and Adults), Group, Marriage, Parenting (Children with special needs), Spinal injury, Domestic violence victims, their children and the perpetrator, Terminally ill , HIV/ AIDS and their family, Supervising and mentoring newly appointed Ministry of Health Psychology Officers, Accreditors for My health Portal Ministry of Health, Consultant for PDRM (Helicopter Disaster at Kampar) 2010, Consultant for Psychological  First Aids MH 370 and MH 17, Consultant for DVI MH 17.

      2. Training KKM staffs on:

        HIV/AIDS Counseling, Counseling Domestic Violence Victims, Motivation , Using Basic Counseling Skills at Workplace, Counseling Children towards Child Friendly Hospitals, Mental Health:- Children, Adolescents, Working Adults, Parents, & Geriatric, Counseling Geriatric Patients, Counseling Adolescents, Effective Communication, Stress Management,  Managing difficult employees, EQ

      3. Related responsibilities in KKM

        Head of Technical Committee Ministry of Health Malaysia since June 2011 till current, Preparation of training modules for KKM for:

        1. HIV/AIDS Counseling
        2. Community Mental Health
        3. Counseling for Domestic Violent Victims
        4. Counseling Skills for Child Friendly Hospital
        5. Adolescent counseling
        6. Special Needs Adolescent on Sexual Issues
        7. Counseling for Thalassemia patients and families
      4. International Involvements:
        1. Mercy Volunteer for Disaster Victim 2007 at Riau.
        2. Clinical instructor for VTS and Biofeedback Vienna Austria 2015
        3. Mercy Volunteer for Tsunami Victim 2005 at Sri Lanka