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What is Occupational Therapy?


The first Occupational Therapy services in Malaysia was initiated by Occupational Therapist Mrs. Babra T.  at Leprosy Centre, Sungai Buloh in 1957. Occupational Therapy profession has grown and expanded by the development of the medical field.

In the beginning, Occupational Therapy services is available in general  hospitals, then the service has expended and extended to the district hospitals, health clinics, social welfare department, school, private agencies and other. By the year 2013, total numbers of Occupational Therapist in Malaysia are estimated to 1200 in line with the requirements and needs in rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy Definition

Occupational Therapy Service is the use of treatment to help patients to achieve, maintain and optimize independent   in activities daily living, work, play or recreation with the aspect  of physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Strategies include promotive, preventive, and rehabilitative.

Services Provided

  • Activities Daily Living Assessment

  • Physical Assessment

  • Sensory Assessment

  • Perceptual and Cognitive Assessment

  • Pre- School Assessment

  • Wheelchair Assessment

  • Pre-driving Assessment

  • Work / Vocational Assessment

  • Work Place / Home / School Visit and Assessment

  • Child Developmental Screening

  • Behaviour Assessment

  • Activities Daily Living Training

  • Splint , orthosis , aids and adaptation

  • Behavior Modification

  • Perceptual and cognitive training

  • Pressure garment

  • Creative therapy

  • Social skills training

  • Wheelchair training

  • Patient and carer education

  • Play and recreation therapy

  • Relaxation

  • Sensorimotor training

  • Motor training

Occupational Therapy Services Available

  • Government Hospital

  • Health Clinics

  • Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat

  • Special Education School


  • Community Based Rehabilitation Centre

  • Non- Government Organization- Private Hospital , Rehabilitation Clinic and etc.

  • Industry

Who Benefit From the Occupational Therapy Services

Orthopedics – Tendon injury, Fracture, Nerve Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and others.
Medical – Amputation, diabetic, arthritis, heart problem, gout and etc.

Neurology- stroke, parkinson, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and etc.
Plastic Surgery
Psychiatry- mental health problem (such as schizoprenia, bipolar mood disorder, depression, panic and etc.)
Pediatric – Down syndrom, Cerebral Palsy,learning disability, autism, hiperactive, Congenital Talipes Varus (CTEV) and etc

Referral Procedure

Referral can be obtained from registered physician.


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Last Review : 27 January 2014
Writer : Jamilah bt Abdul Kuthoos