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HPV Immunisation

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer occurs at the entrance of the womb (cervix). It is the third most common cancer among women following breast cancer and colorectal cancer. In Malaysia, around 1,500 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually. Cervical cancer accounts for 6% of deaths due to cancer among women.


What Is Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?

HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. Every married woman is at risk of HPV infection.

What Is HPV Immunisation?

HPV Immunisation prevents cervical cancer caused by HPV infections. Three injections will be given on the upper arm over a six month period as shown in the table: First Injection – The date set for HPV immunization in school or at the clinics. Second Injection – One month after the first injection. Third Injection – Six months after the first injection. The vaccine is not made from any dubious source.

Why Does My 13 Years Old Daughter Have To Be Immunised?

Your daughter is at risk to be infected with HPV. In the future, the immunization will protect her from cervical cancer.

At present, the Ministry of Health, Malaysia is giving the immunisation for FREE for all girls in Form 1 and girls currently aged 13.

Where Can My Daughter Can Get Her Immunisation?

If your daughter is in school, she will be asked through her school to have her immunisation. If your daughter had left school, she had to go to the government health clinics for her immunisation

Can My Older Daughter Have The Immunisation?

The immunisation will only be given to girls in Form 1 or girls currently aged 13. Those who are not in the specified groups can have the immunisation at any private clinics and hospitals at a certain charge.

What Is My Role As a Parent/ Guardian?

Please give your written consent for your daughter to be immunised. Please ensure that she completes the 3 injection as scheduled. These 3 injections will provide her with optimum protection against HPV infection.

Who Will Administer The Injections?

The injections will be administered by qualified and trained healthcare personnel.

Is The Vaccine Halal?

The vaccine is not made from any dubious source.

Will There Be Any Side Effects?

The vaccine is safe. The most common side effect is soreness where the injection is given. If you have other problems following the injection, please seek further treatment at the clinics or hospital near you.

Will The Immunisation Cause Infertility?

No. The immunization will not result in infertility.

What Are The Conditions That Prohibit Immunisation?

Your daughter will not be given the immunization under these circumstances:

  • If she experience acute side effects following her first or second injection.
  • If she has a history of serious allergic reaction and were admitted to the hospital.
  • Pregnant.

What If She Misses Her Appointment?

If she fall sick or absent from school on the day of the immunization, a new appointment will be given to her by the health staff.

More Information:

More detailed information on HPV immunization is available through:


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Last Reviewed : 19 Mei 2015
Writer : Dr. Zienna Zufida binti Zainol Rashid