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What Is An Ultrasound Examination?

An Ultrasound examination is an examination using sound waves to produce images of selected organs in the body. High frequency sound waves are used and cannot be heard. This examination does not use X-ray. Routine ultrasound examinations are performed and reported by radiologists or physicians.

ultrasound_examination_1Picture 1 – Ultrasound machine

Source: www.samsungmedisonusa.com

Production Of Ultrasound Images

During an ultrasound examination, sound waves produced will be reflected by the organ being examined. Using computer image processing technology the reflected waves will be processed to form images of the organ being examined. The resultant images will be displayed on the screen of the machine. These images are digital images. They can be viewed directly on the screen or printed on film or paper. These images can also be transferred to other digital media such as CD, DVD and other suitable storage media.

ultrasound_examination_2Picture 2: Ultrasound image

Source: www.axsoris.com

Ultrasound Examination

An Ultrasound examination is a fast examination and no special preparation is required. However for an abdominal ultrasound, the patient is advised to fast in order to obtain clearer images. Patients need to change into a hospital gown that will be provided.

You will be required to lie down on the examination table with the part of the body to be examined exposed. A transducer with gel on its surface will be moved on the skin surface of the area being examined. Patients may need to change their position from side to side. Images produced will be displayed on the computer screen of the machine. Patients will be able to view the images during the examination.

Common Ultrasound Examinations

Ultrasound examination is used to evaluate the following:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen and pelvis
  • Pregnant women
  • Bones and joints

Result Of Ultrasound Examination

Images produced will be reported by the radiologist performing the examination. Normally, the report will be made immediate after the examination is completed.

Ultrasound Examination Experience

An ultrasound examination is a safe and painless examination. It does not use radiation and there is no known side effect. Thus, it is an examination of choice for pregnant women and children.



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