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Typhoid Fever

What is Typhoid Fever?

This is a bacterial infection of the gut or intestine causing a serious prolonged fever, blood stream infection and gut perforation. This disease is prevalent or endemic in areas with limited clean tap water supply and poor sanitation or sewage system.

What causes Typhoid Fever?

It is caused by a bacteria Salmonella typhi which is spread by the faecal oral route. Some food handlers are asymptomatic carriers where the bacteria can hide in their bile system and pass out regularly in their stools.

What is the vaccine and how is it given?

It is given to children more than 2 years old by an injection into the muscle. The injection can be repeated every 3 years.

Who should receive the vaccine?

Parents may choose to vaccinate their children especially if they are traveling to an endemic place where the disease commonly occurs.

Last reviewed : 25 April 2012
Content Writer : Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Lee Kok Foo
Reviewer : Dr. Ranjini S. Sivanesom