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Tips on Building Relationship with Teachers


Schooling is one of the wonderful phase of teenagers life. Teens get to meet more friends, share common interest and grow up together in the school environment.  Teachers too play an important role in creating condusive environment, help students to enjoy schooling, make learning fun, assist students in their quest for knowledge and build new life skills. Successful schooling is the stepping stone towards realizing one’s dreams or goals and achieving better life in adulthood.

Tips for Teachers

Teaching is a noble profession which requires great skill, passion and patience. Teenagers, due to the rapid changes of puberty, their biological construct, and turbulent phase of life may be quite challenging to deal with.  Teenagers may be physically developed but at the same time not fully matured in their thinking and actions. Teachers have a role in assisting teens build a relationship with them and get connected to school.  It is thus important for teachers to understand the bio psycho social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual changes of the adolescent and be equipped with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills. Teenagers are diverse and unique, some are bound to be slow, unmotivated, naughty, rebellious, inquisitive, lack of confidence, timid etc. As such, an understanding of the adolescent development and background may help teachers to cope, manage and enjoy their students in assisting them along their journey of life and quest for knowledge. It is indeed an exciting and rewarding experience for teachers to be part of the agent of charge, to motivate, educate, instil positive values and transform teenagers into assest.

Tips for Teens

Teenagers have a role in building relationship with teachers. Below are some useful tips for teens.

  1. Set a positive mind set. Tell yourself ‘schooling is fun”, I love studying”, “ I am smart” “ I can learn”, “ I can do better next time” etc

  2. If you are a slow learner, don’t give up. Say to yourself “I can learn- with help”, “ I will work with my teacher until I get it right”, “ I can try again”, “ teacher is kind and will help me” etc

  3. Have clear and realistic goals or ambitions of what you want to be and set a timeline. With a clear goal you will be more focus to direct your energy in fulfilling your goal and making your dreams come true.

  4. Show interest in class, choose a seat in the front row, pay attention and ask questions when you do not understand. All teachers love student who are motivated and keen to learn.

  5. Convince yourself, doing well socially or academically in school is an important part of enjoying yourself at school.

  6.  At school, teachers are the source of knowledge for students, be friendly to your teachers. Smile and greet your teachers whenever possible.

  7. Volunteer in any task such as cleaning the blackboard, carry books where possible, keep the class clean, etc.

  8. Show interest in study, do your work in time and get involve in sport, co-curricular and volunteerism activities. This will make teachers appreciate and notice you and will increase solidarity among you, your classmates and teachers as well.

  9. Last but not least, show appreciation to your teachers.  By giving them simple gifts to your teachers on special occasions such as their birthdays, Teachers Day, Hari Raya etc. These simple act of kindness will make your teachers happy and more motivated to help you.


Building relationship with teachers is a two way process between teens and teachers. Teens must be eager to learn and teachers must create a positive environment to encourage and support learning.

Last Reviewed : 8 October 2014
Writer : Dr. Nik Rubiah bte Nik Abdul Rashid
Accreditor : Dr. Norharlina bte Bahar