Time Management

What is time management?

  • Time management means prioritising goals and increasing work efficiency.

What is time management skills?

  • Time management skills help you to focus on the important things first and to work on them smartly.
  • These skills include delegating, reducing distractions, setting time goals, using time-saving resources, etc.

How does managing time effectively benefits you?

  • It reduces your stress caused by an inability to apportion sufficient time to do one’s activities, resulting in work piling up, feelings of increasing tension and pressure, frustration and panic.
  • Your job performance is better (increase productivity and qualify)
  • You have enough time for each activity (job/personal/social)

Tips on effective time management :

  1. First observe how long it takes to do specific tasks.
  2. Plan an acceptable time table that allows you time to finish the various chores and activities during the day that does not make you feel too tense or harassed.
  3. Try to put in short periods of rest in between activities
  4. Do simple tasks first and after finishing them, give yourself a positive reinforcement e.g.. like praising yourself or allowing yourself to do something that you like to do, like listening to music etc.
  5. After you have an idea of the time allocation for each of the activity that you intend to do, then rearrange your time table in descending order from the most important and demanding task to the least important and demanding one.
  6. If you find yourself procrastinating i.e frequent postponing and delaying then you should analyze the problem, identify the underlying reason and take positive action by carrying on with the unfinished task.
  7. Monitor your progress and efficiency from time to time.
    • Understand each other better
    • Feel at ease with each other
    • Express our feelings [happiness, sadness
    • Get help from other people
    • Develop new friends/ relationship

Last reviewed : 25 January 2006