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Talk With Child Is Fun!

The concern rise when the child’s speech is delayed. There are several reasons the child did not speak or delayed in speech. One of them is an environmental factor viz the interaction between parent and the child or siblings. Every child is unique. Therefore, the tips below might help the parent on how to encourage the child to speak more in fun way.

First: Do things together

The children will be more enjoyable when the parents do things together with them.  For example, children can get lots of language stimulation during play. Be creative! Then the activity will be more enjoyable to your child.

Second: Do and explain

Do more actions when communicate with your child. Actions can create more words When you elaborate. While you are jumping you can say “Jump! Jump and jump high!

Third: Tell what you can see/ have

Use materials/ tools that can enhance your child’s vocabulary when both of you are doing activity together. that can enhance your child’s vocabulary when you doing the activity with your child. Elaborate the items or toys that you play together. Explain to what both of you are seeing and doing at that time. For example, when you play ball together you can say “throw ball” or “the ball is round and big”.

Fourth: Expand the child’s respond

Expand the child’s utterance when they speak. This will encourage the child to talk more. For example, if the child is playing with the doll and the tea set and suddenly she/ he say “drink” you can expand the child’s utterance by saying “Oh ya, the baby is drinking milk…mmm..delicious”.

Fifth: Ask open ended questions

Test your child with questions when they already received enough information. This is to identify your child’s ability to talk. Parents are encouraged to use open ended questions. This will give your child opportunity to talk more.  For example, you can say “Explain more about…” 

Sixth: Give time to respond

Allow more time or wait for the child to respond. The child will easily give up and talk less if the parent kept on pushing the child to respond faster. The child will give their best to talk when you attend and give time for them to respond.

Seventh: Repeat your child’s utterance and give extra information

Give feedback to the child when the child talks to you. This will encourage the child to talk more because you give your full attention to him/her. Repeat the child’s phrase and expand your child’s utterance.

Eight: Give reinforcement

Children loves reinforcement. Therefore, give reinforcement for the correct sentence/ phrase produced by the child. The reinforcement is not only a token or an object but it can be a smiling, complimenting and feeling of enjoyment. For example, say “good”, “well done!” or “yes, it’s correct!” in order to encourage the child to talk more. 

Ninth: Always listen

Listen trough your heart, soul and vision. Good listener is a silent listener. Keep responding to your child and let he/she feels more interested to speak. It is not advisable for you to speak more than your child, or else the child will be distracted

What can you do when you NOT understand your child’s speech?

Some parents are facing difficult moment when speak with their child. This is when their speech is unintelligible or unclear. Below are few tips that can be used by parent to overcome the problem:

  • Try to find the context; Is that about the room? About the television? Or food?
  • Ask the child to point on what he/ she produced.
  • If it is about objects, ask on its functions. For example, if he/she is not produced the “cup” correctly and then you say “is that for you to drink?” and so on.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to understand on what your child is talking about. Tell them that you do not understand and that is not wrong. Try to respond with the word which approximately similar with the sound of the word or nod and smile for what is saying by the child. This is more helpful rather than correcting all the child’s speech.

Play or activities that is fun to be tried on.

Do activities together are more fun. Below are the list of toys and activities that you can try. All these will encourage child to speak more. All the best!



  • Transportation (toy car, lorry, motorcycle and so on)
  • Picnic
  • Lego
  • Shopping
  • Doll – for girls
  • Story books
  • Hand puppet
  • Musical instruments
  • Puzzle
  • Watching educational CD
  • Ball
  • Role play
  • Clay
  • Park


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Last Reviewed : 28 August 2020
Writer / Translator : Haryani bt. Harun
Accreditor : Nurshahira bt. Razali
Reviewer : Nadwah bt. Onwi