Surviving School

It is never too late to become a good student.

If you put an effort to make some changes in your life, you’ll become even the best student in your own rights!

If you’re starting a new school semester, and want to thrive to be the best among your friends, take a look and browse at the following list of tips to survive school and start making some changes in your daily routine.

The reality about school drop-outs

Drop-outs have a much harder time finding and keeping jobs:

  • 50% of drop-outs are unemployed.
  • Drop-outs are often labelled as people who don’t complete things.
  • Drop-outs often just jump from job to job instead of building a career.
  • Drop-outs are usually not considered for most high paying jobs, even if they are qualified.

There are a lot of challenging things in schools.

The top four are :

  • “I’m stresses out!”
  • “There’s too much to do and not enough time!”
  • “I just don’t care!”
  • “I’m not good at school!”

You can handle those challenges by continue browsing the following tips….

 “I’m stresses out!”

  • The fact is…STRESS doesn’t disappear even after you finished school.
  • Instead of feeling stressed out about school, we will be stressed out about bills, kids, work, boss and in- laws.
  • DON’T run away from stress!
  • Learn how to deal with it. How?  Stress Management

“There’s too much to do and not enough time!”

Do you spend too much time on things that don’t matter? You may be a procrastinator if you :

  • Feel the impulse to clean your room before you get started on a project.
  • Rewrite the first sentence or paragraph of a paper several times, repeatedly.
  • Crave a snack as soon as you sit down to study.
  • Spend too much time (days) to decide on a topic.
  • Carry books around all the time, but never open them to study.
  • Get angry if a parent asks “Have you started yet?”

You probably did relate to at least one of those situations. But don’t be hard on yourself! That means you are perfectly normal. The key to success is, don’t allow these diversion tactics to affect your grades in a bad way.
Time and tide wait for no man. Even if we are given an extra hour every day, we will still be unable to manage unless we….. .Focus… Focus… Focus

By looking at the following table, you really need to prioritize – Put first things first!

“I just don’t care!”

Has anyone told you
“You are lazy in school. If only you put in the effort, you could do so well in school”.

  • Not motivated?
  • Feels like school is being force down your throat?
  • THINK!
  • What you can and cannot control in school?

By looking at the circle of control below, did you realise that there are lots of things that you can control and change!


So what if you have a learning problem?

  • Seek help!
  • Think positively!
    • You are not handicapped!
    • You are totally capable of succeeding in school and in life!

“I’m not good at school!”

  • This is a normal feeling. Some of the greatest minds ever felt that way too!
  • In spite of all the problems at school, these people made something out of their lives and so can you.
  • If you find it difficult in school, it’s doesn’t mean you are not smart. There are many types of intelligence and yet school is based on mostly on one kind of intelligence, known as IQ (intelligence quotient or mental intelligence).
  • IQ is our ability to analyse, reason, think abstractly and use language.
  • But there are other types of intelligence that are equally important.
    • EQ : emotional intelligence.
    • SQ : spiritual intelligence.
    • PQ : physical intelligence

5 Characteristics of Resilient Adolescent: (Yes! You can be resilient!)

  1. Having an adult mentor or role-model in your lives.
  2. Having something you’re good at.
  3. Having emotional intelligence.
  4. Having a sense of meaning in your life.
  5. Positive self-talk and a willingness to persevere.


Last Reviewed : 12 December 2012
Content Writer : Dr. Wan Fadhilah bt. Wan Ismail