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Stress Among Career And Family Women

Understanding Responsibilities and Tasks

In a very simplest term, stress is a feeling of anxiety and physical tension that occurs when a demand or an assumption of a person is higher than their ability to achieve it. It’s their body’s response to changes or challenges that exhibit some impact on the body over time. Participation and women’s role in various aspects of national development has never been denied. They have contributed almost in every sectors, such as economic, educational, politicals and so on. It’s acceptable that women are part of the biggest contributor to the household economy particularly with an increasing cost of living as it is now.

However, working women face their own challenges as wife, mother and as an employee at the same time. Women should be smart enough in balancing their career activities with their household affairs as they can enjoy wearing different mask through out their life.

As a women they have responsibility to their husband, children and also to their employers. As a daughter in law no doubt that women can bear great responsibility in her inlaw’s place. Women’s responsibility is not only in taking care of her husband and children but it is greater than that. As a wife she is a source of inspiration and a back bone in her husband’s progress.

Stress Among Career And Family Women

Mothers plays the utmost important role in producing good generation in every aspect. Mothers are the one that is close to her children especially in the first phase of childhood. She is the one who instilled the principles and moral in them or otherwise let them fall prey to ignorance and pervesion. The future of this children are in the hand of their parents. Therefore mothers should show a very good example and be a role model for her children so that they won’t choose the wrong path.

As a career women, apart from being a mother and wife she is also an employee. She does contribute for the growth of the country. As a career women they should be more professional and not get carried away by their domestic problems into their work place and vise versa. By doing so, it will only give pressure and stress to themselves and people around them.

Time Management

According to Dr. Yusof Al-Qaradawi (1986), an Arab proverb stated that ‘time management is important for career women as they have to be smart in playing their responsibilities as a workers, wives and also as mothers. Many will feel that time is running very fast and 24 hours per day is insufficient for career women to perform their daily tasks. Therefore one should manage time so that there is no wastage of it.

As career women they should set work schedules that will avoid time wastage and work can be completed in order. List down and arrange tasks by priority. At times the list can be too long yet it can be done with a strict discipline.

Office work should be completed in the office. Don’t ever bring office work back home because it will certainly reduce the time with our family members as we will be busy focusing on our office work. Indirectly it will restrict communication between family members especially with our children. Like wise one should forget their home while in the office. With this they can devote full attention in work and finish it on time also avoid it from bringing back home.

Use and spend some quality time with our family. We can do some beneficial activities together as a family. For an example read bed time stories for under age children and also play and eat together. These are the time that can be used to explore, approach and understand children more deeply and better.

Time Management

Limited time can often make one chaotic. As a career women more than half of a day are spent in the office and later in managing household. It will certainly lead to tiredness and stress till at times they will ignore household. In this kind of situation it is not wrong for a husband to give a helping hands. Things will be more at ease if children can play their role as well.

Living systems also can help in time managing and as a career women they can also be more calms when facing a problem. A system of rules should be establish for home activities as a whole family. For an example, set up a special basket to put up dirty clothes, separate dirty clothes worn to office and at home. Also provide a special basket for colored and white clothes as well. By this way we do not have to bother collecting and sorting laundry for wash and indirectly will help to save time.

Dealing With Emotional Towards Tasks and Family

Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition (characteristic tendency). Emotion is an expression of the feelings from a strong instincts such as affection, happy, shame, sadness, fear and so on. The greatness and sensitivity of internal feelings often expressed to a particular behaviour or from the way people convey feelings. (Abu Bakar Mohd Fazli, 2005). Strong feelings will affect external response whether changes in physical body controlled, facial experssion and uncontrolled such as sweat caused from fearness. Don’t let your emotions to distract you from doing what needs to be done. Control your emotions so your emotions do not controls you.

Dealing With Emotional Towards Tasks and Family

To be an excel worker one should have high emotional intelligence (Cooper & Sawaf, 2000). Emotionally intelligent people are able to resolve conflicts, drag positive aspects of a problem and also willing to take obstacles to be more efficient and faster from others. Yet as a human being we can never ran away from an emotional strain which will also contribute pressure or stress.

As a career and a family women, it’s important to manage or control their emotions so that they can lead a smooth life journey as a worker, wife and mother. Therefore it’s good for a women to take care of their emotional tension to prevent themselves from stress.

There are several methods can be used to manage our emotional tension. One of the way is to identify the cause of it. By doing so it can help the particular person to seek for the solution to change the negative emotion or stick to their positive emotions.

Apart from that one should also be realistic. They should not burden themselves if they are incapacitated. Burdening ourself to achieve something could only affect our emotions. By chasing something that we can’t get can lead to anger, sadness and also depression and later part to any other complications such as health complication.

Furthermore, a widespread promiscuity is also important. An association between co-workers and family members will enable them to share ideas, insights, and also problems that they face. Hence, it will enable them to manage their emotionas more efficiently.

Needs of Support

Support is very important for a person regardless of age, race and gender. It is important as it can allow us to be more relaxed and able to think rationally. Support can be obtained from colleagues and even from their own family members as well as from employers.

Needs of Support

Employers can provide ‘mentoring system’ to encourage and support women in their career path. It is important to have a system that can coach and advise workers. Mentoring is a role to help working women to meet up with their colleagues, to understand non formal procedures and also get to know other organizations culture such as history and myth of the company.

In addition, internal training programs should also be established. It can help both genders (female and male) workers to interact and share issues related to perceptions, ‘streotype’, myth and their feelings, especially regarding women’s role in an organization. Goal of this kind of training is to change male worker’s perception towards female workers and at the same time provide support and not to threaten them.

Women is known as a week species also need some support from their family members such as parents, husband, in laws and children. The can be a good listener and provide help if necessary. They can also help to lighten women’s workload by helping them to do household chores.

As a conclusion, we women face tonnes of problems in performing our duties as a wife and employee. Hence employer and communities should be aware of it as women plays dwi roles and require public support and empathy as well as family members in performing their task at home and in office.

Understand Stress and Causes of Stress

Stress is an emotional disorder, thinking processes and physical condition of a person. It is a response to something that causes a person to feel frightened, insecure and threatened. When a person is in stress his or her body will produce adrenaline and cortisone that can make their heart to beat faster, their respiratory rate will increase and also causes high blood pressure.

Understand Stress and Causes of Stress

Generally stress is caused by internal and external factors. Some of the internal factors are, always want to be the best, especially type A personality person. It will lead to stress if they fail to achieve whatever they aim for. For the example, as a working mother she wants to give the best to her children, husband and also at her working place but at times she can’t fulfil that due to tiredness. If she can’t accept it, she will claim that she is a failure and later it will also lead to stress.

Apart from that, low self esteem can also lead to stress. For an example, a career women will find difficulty to be a employee and a mother at the same time. Lack of confident will indirectly demotivate a person and they will never committee whole heartedly in doing something and the result out of it is stress.

While the external factors are boss or employers at their working place. At times employers do not understand their workers situation especially female workers. For an example, a female worker who often take time off to care for a sick child would freak out because unscrupulous employee. The employer failed to empathize and provide aid accordingly.

Life partner is also one of the external stress factor for a working women. Husband that do not understand his wife hectic schedules will never understand her tiredness and will never make an attempt to help or at ease their burden. Wife go for work to strengthen and stabilize family financial position but there are husbands who still holds to the old norms that wife’s place are in the kitchen. Therefore she needs to do the house hold chores despite of her tiredness after working at the office. This situation will undoubtedly have a negative effect on his wife and family. Indirectly, it can also lead to divorce and other complicated problems.

Causes of stress are often closely related. We should overcome any form of stress to avoid greater impact on ourself as well as to our surrondings. Negative minded person will see it as a stressed while a positive minded person will see it as desserts (stressed spelled backward).

Dealing with Stress

Stress is a slow killer and therefore it is better for a working women to overcome stress in order to provide positive atmosphere at work as well as at home. There are few ways to cope with stress. One of it is by proper planning. One should plan her task wisely as she can settle her work not only for a long term but also for a short term. By planning her work it can help her to settle it according to the importance of it.

Dealing with Stress

Moreover, it is indisputable that we can never get away from our daily chores. Work will always be there no matter at home or in the office. To perfome well as a career women we should lead a healthy lifestyle as it will also help us to overcome our stress. Spend few minutes a day for exercise and practice proper breathing techniques. Also very important for us to maintain healthy diet as we will be energetic and lively at all times.

Every human being is unique, therefore we should have the attitude of tolerance among colleagues. For an example, some individuals exhibit better performance while working under pressure while others require more quite atmosphere to work. So it’s better to understand one’s self so that it can reduce stress on ourselves.

It’s common for a person with stress to have some body aches. Massage techniques also plays an important role in easing the stress of an individual. This technique can be done anywhere and at anytime and by doing this technique it will help us to soothe and relieve our body. It has to be with the same gender or with husband and wife and indirectly it can also strengthen the relationship of husband and wife when husband massage wife.

A smile has great and big impact as a source of stress reliever. People who knows how to smile and often smile will have the courage to deal and cope with stress compare to those who fails to smile. Other than better stress coping mechanisms, smile do also have many other advantages. Some of the benefits of laughing is reduces heart disease, natural pain killer, improves breathing, help you lose weight, gives good sleep, decrease stress, boosts relationship and makes you look young and beautiful.

As a conclusion, each and every one of us have tendency to experience stress in different ways as well as ways to overcome those stress. No matter how we deal with stress, but the key point is to cut and eliminate stress facing by career women as they can function well at their working place and also at home for the benefit of society and the family.